3 Tips to Promoting Livestock On Social Media

Ultimate Show Cattle Social Media Guide

Getting exposure for your farm or ranch is always a challenge. You spend time getting pictures, videos, and all the other information together to showcase your animals only to have social media site or group administrators ban or block your post because of violations-as they see them- to their livestock policies.  Largely because of modern perceptions about the purpose and care of an animal’s life, animal posts will almost always be met with public skepticism that leads to banning and blocking of animal sales. This practice is particularly infuriating when similar posts have been previously accepted. In light of this, seemingly recent, trend, it is important to have the following information when making an animal post.


Tip #1: Do Not Post "Animals For Sale" on Major Social Media Sites

Facebook's Commerce Policies have long prohibited animal sales (you can see the policies here).  Facebook has a listed option that allows people to report the abuse of this policy on their selling platform, Facebook Marketplace, and, recently, has aggressively been cracking down on animals offered up for sale in Facebook Groups.

Many times, if you, individually, try to post an animal for sale on a group Facebook page or your own individual FB page, your post can be automatically blocked by one of Facebook’s algorithms that scans for animals for sale posts.  Violating the established Facebook policies can result in your account being temporarily blocked or, more seriously for repeated violations, a complete banning of your account from the group platform. Certainly, you will not see your post: and the work you put into it will be for nothing.  Don’t put yourself in jeopardy of getting banned or blocked from the social media platform, there are other less risky ways to get you farm exposure without violating the rules.

Facebook, in particular, has become very aggressive in shutting down entire animal or livestock groups that violate the animal guidelines. To save the posting privileges of yourself and potentially an entire group many Facegroup group administrators deny for sale livestock posts, which were allowable in the past.

Tip #2: Avoid Phrases That Indicate Sales or Selling

Therefore, to effectively post information about your cattle operation to such social media platforms, we highly suggest that you never post animal sales on social media platforms that aren’t designated as allowing animal sales. Using words, like the following list, in an animal post will put your post under scrutiny and, possibly, result in a single post being blocked or in the worst case, complete banishment from a social media platform.

  • Sale, For Sale, Sales, Selling
  • Offer
  • Now Available
  • Price
  • Auction
  • Must Go
  • Private Treaty

Posts like the one below mentioning thee words are bound to get flagged by Facebook or other platforms so the administrator of the page or group you post to will more than likely not approve the post.

Direct posting to social media groups with links to online sale sites hosting auctions is also discouraged.

Tip #3: Showcase your Cattle, Encourage Contact or Connection

Instead, of saying you have an upcoming auction or a certain animal is up for sale, we suggest you use social media platforms such as Facebook to showcase animals without pitching them as For Sale

For example, a calf posting to a social media platform might read like this: “This Angus steer at the Royal Farm is looking great! Can’t wait to see how he’ll perform this summer for some youngster. Should be a real winner.” 

Then, the highlighted link (Royal Farm) could point back to your own personal website or social media page informing interested parties of the sale but the post itself should not be selling or advertising the sale of animals.

Here is a great post showing this type of method

Once you get your customer’s attention you can send them to your animal listing on https://showcattlecommunity.com or auction website listing.