Easy Acreage Calculator - Map Measuring Tool To Find Land Area & Perimeter

Acreage Calculator- Land Measurement Tool

Sometimes you are putting in a new fence for pasture or just need to know the size of a parcel of land.  This is especially true is you are putting in a new pasture or fencing off a piece of property that isn't square or has to conform to property lines or natural barriers like creeks and ponds.  Good thing there are tools like acreage calculators on the internet that make figuring out this type of information very easy.

Acreage Calculator Using A Map Measuring Tool

Using Google Maps as the base mapping technologies Data Logic has a great tool that allows you to click different points on the map and create an overlay on that map that creates a visually distinct area but also calculates the total area and perimeter making it easy to figure out how many posts and feet of wire needed to complete a fencing project.

Watch the video below for a step by step demonstration on how to use the tool.